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Kopanito All Star Soccer is a game that offers a wilder, funner playing experience than many of the more serious and realistic football titles released every year. Forget about offsides, fouls, and refs. The only thing that matters here is scoring goals.

In Kopanito All Star Soccer, each team has six players (five on the field and one goalkeeper). You can customize your players in both how they look and how they play. You can give some players more skill, others more speed, and others more strength. Some you can make shoot better and others better at passing. Each player is unique.

That each player is unique is saying something, since the game includes players from more than 100 national teams. Included are teams that appear in every World Cup (Brazil, Germany, Argentina, and Spain, for instance), as well as other lesser-known teams (Palestine, Zimbabwe, and Vietnam).

Kopanito All Star Soccer's mechanics are quite traditional, but also include some elements that make it completely unique. For example, when you take a shot on goal, a slow-mo camera will be activated and you'll have a couple of seconds to adjust the kick. At first it's weird, but it'll grow on you.

One of the best features of the game is that you can play with up to four friends on the same computer. You just have to connect four controls to the computer, and with one player using the keyboard, you'll be able to form an entire human-controlled team (minus the goalie, that is).

Kopanito All Star Soccer is a very fun, original, and gorgeous football game. The graphics are outstanding: the players are very detailed and some of the special effects (the field, the nets) are exquisite. It's a very impressive game and even the demo version will amaze you.
By Álvaro Toledo
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